A Lexicon of Mild Ethnic Invective

by Lorna Salzman

(Title inspired by Nicolas Slonimsky, author of "A Lexicon of Music Invective", and by a story published in Salon, 6/28/01 about Komo, a Komodo dragon, a large lizard in Indonesia, that bit a man's foot off.)

  • Dragon's name: Mario Komo
  • His gay friend: Homo Komo
  • Academic intellectual: PoMo Komo
  • Argentine cattle rancher: Lomo Komo
  • Tibetan dumpling cook: Momo Komo
  • Brother: Yo!Mo Komo
  • Orthodox Jewish klezmer musician: Schlomo Komo
  • Indonesian cathedral: Duomo Komo
  • Dragon's p.r. person: Promo Komo

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