When Sharia Law Comes to the USA

by Lorna Salzman

This is not exaggeration or lies. All of these things are either permitted, encouraged or mandated by the Koran, hadith or sharia law, and are observed in all Muslim countries today, as well as by Muslims living in Europe and elsewhere.

Here is what daily life in modern America will look like when sharia law is imposed on us. I hesitate to say "if" this is imposed on us because we are already in the preliminary stages of Islamic authoritarianism, and the lack of protest against it suggests this trend will continue for some time.

1.If you have a public swimming pool in your city or community, half of each day or even of each week will be reserved solely for women. If it is outdoors or is an indoor facility, a high solid fence and/or heavy curtains will be installed to prevent outsiders from seeing the women. (Note: this has already been done in Great Britain).

2.Seating at public events, theatres, movies, concerts, sports arenas and other public facilities will be divided, with women required to sit on one side and men on the other whether they are married or not.

3.All institutions, companies, public buildings, recreational facilities and municipal government facilities will be required to suspend their work five times a day to allow Muslims to pray. Prayer facilities for Muslims only will be mandatory, one for women and one for men.

4.The serving of pork and pork products such as ham and bacon, seafood, and other non-halal foods will be prohibited in schools and all public institutions and public places. Food preparation companies that provide food to these places will be prohibited from preparing non=-halal foods or foods containing non=halal ingredients on their premises.

5.The sale and serving of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited in all public facilities such as cafes, pubs, airplanes, trains, etc., with consumption of them allowed only in private homes and membership clubs.

6.The distribution and sale of Christian and Jewish religious materials such as the Old and New Testaments will be banned.

7.Universities will be prohibited from teaching courses about the history of non-Muslim religions.

8.Study of the Koran in all schools will be mandatory.

9.Criminal penalties will be imposed on anyone questioning or criticizing Islam, its books and its prophet, ranging from fines to imprisonment to execution. These will also apply to Muslims who date or marry non-Muslims.

10.Head covering will be required of all Muslim women everywhere and at all times.

11.Muslims will attempt to amend the Pledge of Allegiance to add the words "and his prophet Mohammed" after the word "God". This will eventually be extended to American coins and paper currency.

12.The beating, physical abuse or murder of Muslim women by their husbands or male family members will not be punishable by law.

13.The possession or harboring of dogs will be banned. Loose dogs will be killed.

14 Sale of 'immodest" clothing and lingerie will be banned. Women wearing 'immodest" clothing will be arrested and punished.

15.Taxi drivers will be prohibited from taking on passengers who carry alcoholic beverages. (Minneapolis taxi drivers already tried this).

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