American liberal Jews' Jesus syndrome

by Lorna Salzman

“Growing up I learned about how the Jewish people worked to create a just world, to help bring equality and fairness to all. I feel strongly opposed to having any injustice committed in my name.”

So writes Ruth Weill, former chair of the Wisconsin Green Party, in a recent article in the national US Green Party Green Pages blog. (

One may rightfully ask just why Weill feels personally responsible for what the sovereign state of Israel does. She is not an Israeli citizen. She is not responsible for what other Jews do; surely she doesn't blame herself for the thievery of Bernard Madoff? Or the orthodox Jewish rabbi-pedophile in Brooklyn?

Yet her statement reveals, at long last, the reason why so many liberal American Jews have meekly accepted the Islamist slurs and accusations against "Zionism" (code for Jews), and why they continue to support those Muslims who have publicly and repeatedly sworn to eliminate not just Israel from the face of the earth but all Jews. "The Jews are our dogs". "Hamas, Hamas, to the ovens", and ad infinitum ad naseum.

Perhaps Weill is unaware that the former vile shout was heard at a rally in 2006 in front of the Israel consulate in San Francisco..a rally organized by Al Awda (Palestine Right of Return). But she is surely aware that her Wisconsin Green Party adopted an anti-Israel resolution 190 at the behest of one Mohammed Abed,
member of the WGP and field organizer for Al Awda. This resolution was fully supported by the WGP, including its Jewish members. And it was supported by half of the USGP National Committee delegates.

The rabidly anti-Jewish Al-Awda and all Muslims must be delighted at their successful con game. It is the classic case - in this case involving Jews - of falling in love with your captor and accepting your sentence of guilt, and then of welcoming the violent consequences of this obeisance to your would-be assassins.

From whence comes this pervasive sense of Jewish guilt? Just what do Jews think they are guilty of? Guilty of the alleged "crimes" of the state of Israel? Guilty of any act of purported aggression committed by any Jew anywhere in the world? Why is the act of Israel or any individual Jew an injustice committed in the name of any OTHER Jew? Are we talking here of some ancient irrational biblical inheritance which all Jews feel they are heir to and which makes them responsible for any act committed by any Jew on the face of the earth?

Or is it a special kind of shame which says: we Jews have always been morally superior, as proven by our persistence and survival of the holocaust and centuries of ostracism everywhere. God rescued us; we are his chosen people.

But the Palestinian propaganda reads: "we" (Israel/Jews) are cruel aggressors and occupiers. Israel has suffered rocket attacks but these were trivial compared to what they did in self-defense. Israel should have shown self- restraint. The Palestinians can't be blamed for lacking self-restraint because they have been humiliated by the whole world.


Or as Jesus said: "Forgive them, father, for they know not what they do".

So, Jews reason: we must support the Palestinians no matter what they do, even if they initiate violence and kill innocent people. We must be crucified to cleanse the sins of all Jews.

Nothing more obsequious and morally perverted can be imagined than this "Jesus" complex that American Jewish liberals have donned.

© 2002 Lorna Salzman. All rights reserved. Material may be quoted with permission.