Arabs and the Left:
The Neo-Nazi Campaign to Eradicate the Jews

by Lorna Salzman

Since 1920 the Arabs living in the territories known as Syria and Jordan, and their allies, have continued their inflexible refusal to allow the creation of a separate Arab state in the part of Israel known as the west bank.

This area, almost equal in size to the rest of Israel, is a remnant of the territory originally planned as part of Israel. Of this original territory, 77% was ceded to Jordan, a state that did not exist until then and which was called Trans-Jordan.

Numerous mandates established the state of Palestine as a homeland for the Jews, starting with the League of Nations and continuing through the various mandates (areas controlled by foreign nations) of Britain and France, and into the period following the establishment of the United Nations.

All of these mandates explicitly recognized what was called Palestine (a corruption of the original Latin name used by the Romans) as a Jewish homeland. Further UN resolutions that pertained to other countries as well reaffirmed the right of all states to utilize all means at their disposal to protect their territory and citizens.

While this may seem like an obvious statement to us, as we pursue the foreign and foreign-assisted terrorists in our midst, there are regressive authoritarian forces and entities at work that are trying to undermine this basic right by claiming "universal jurisdiction" over crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide..using their own prejudiced definitions of what constitutes such crimes.

The politicization of the UN by religious and ethnic ideologues has become a matter of deep concern to international legal scholars authorities, because it poses a threat to state sovereignty as well as to freedom of speech and civil liberties as well as the rule of law itself. Indeed, democracy and human rights are threatened as never before, something American liberals prefer to ignore.

These forces are substate or suprastate. They consist of ideological groupings and movements claiming unique unprecedented rights and territories that belong to others. We have seen these in the Balkans, in the central Asian Republics formerly part of the Soviet Union, in the Basque region of Spain, and not least in the middle east and northern Muslim Africa. Many of these, if not all, regard the use of violence as justified to overthrow what they claim are illegal "occupations" and territorial claims.

The most egregious of these for American policy is Hamas, and formerly the PLO, now become since Yasser Arafat's death the Palestinian Authority which controls the west bank. Behind Hamas, and its violent ally Hezbollah, funded by Syria and Iran, lies the Arab League. But within the Arab League all is not peaceful due to the Sunni (Egypt, Saudi Arabia) and Shia (Iran) split. The Sunnis fear Shi-ite Iran, which justifies their compliance, occasionally, with the policies of the United States. There is an irony in this inasmuch as Al Qaeda and the Taliban are Sunni, but let's overlook this for now.

Before these other splits became overt, the Arab League was united in its vehement opposition to a separate Arab state next to Israel, for one simple reason: this would have required it to acknowledge the legitimacy of an Israeli state. THIS IS STILL THE OPERATIVE MOTIVATION BEHIND HAMAS' VIOLENT RESISTANCE AND THE PHONY UNREST BEING FOMENTED IN EAST JERUSALEM.

East Jerusalem was recaptured from Jordan after Jordan invaded Israel in 1967 and destroyed much of East Jerusalem, including some Jewish holy sites. UN resolutions about aggression and occupation are very clear: if a state illegally invades and occupies another state or part of its territory, and the invaded state reclaims that territory, the illegal invader no longer has a claim to that territory. Thus, East Jerusalem does not belong either to Jordan or to the Arabs living in the west bank. It was reclaimed by the sovereign state of Israel.

Who are these Arabs? They call themselves Palestinians but this is an incredible distortion. The original Palestinians were those Jews living in what was called Palestine when Israel was officially recognized as a Jewish state. After the state of Israel was established, they called themselves Israelis. End of discussion.

There was never any separate ethnic group, tribe or geographically separate group of Arabs. Most of the Arabs at that time were Syrians.
Today, those calling themselves Palestinians use this term as a fraudulent means of claiming territory that was never given to them. This includes East Jerusalem.

Now, the Arabs living in East Jerusalem are reacting with violence because they claim that East Jerusalem will someday be the capital of their separate state. Hey, which state do they mean? The one they have rejected for almost a century? The one they are still refusing to even discuss with the Israelis? How can you claim a city for your capital if you don't even have a state?

There are holy Muslim sites in East Jerusalem. There are also holy Jewish and Christian sites. Some are next to one another. Some are even attached. So far, with occasional skirmishes (the most noted of which was between two Christian sects, Orthodox and Roman Catholic, which resulted in serious beatings on both sides), all of these sites are recognized and protected and freely accessible to all.

Jerusalem is not the Muslim's holy city; Mecca is their holy city, to which they pray five times a day, plus Medina. But Jerusalem is the Jewish holy city, claimed by Jews as the original site of the First and Second Temples (destroyed by pagan invasions and Romans respectively). Jerusalem is part of the territory reclaimed from Jordan in 1967. The Arabs that live in East Jerusalem live in an Israeli city.

Yet there are those who spread the ugly and false notion that "Palestinians" (Muslim Arabs) have title to the land that was given to the Jews by international mandates and treaties, and to half of the city that was reclaimed from Jordan. This violent resistance is being waged against those they call "Zionists". But this is a ploy. What they mean is JEWS.

Who are the Zionists? Aside from the original settlers in the state of Israel, you would be hard put to define them as a separate entity today, except perhaps the ultra orthodox Jews, who unfortunately wield disproportionate power in Israel, having extracted special favors from the government. The rest of Israel is simply Jews, on the left, right, center, secular, observant, pro-two state solution vs. pro-one state solution, etc.

To pretend that the Hamas/Al Awda/Hezbollah/Muslim Brotherhood/International Solidarity Movement/Palestine Solidarity Movement/boycott/divestment movement is anti-Zionist is preposterous. We are witnessing a carefully orchestrated anti-Jewish campaign that has cleverly managed to recruit liberal Jews to their ranks, Jews who now have the distinct status of being aligned with movements EXPLICITLY and OVERTLY dedicated to the extermination of not just Israel but of JEWS....and the Hamas Charter makes this crystal clear.

We are talking here of Arab groups whose recent origins lie in groups and ideologies that worked closely with the Nazis in the 1930s (the grand mufti of Jerusalem, the Muslim Brotherhood) and vowed their support for exterminating the Jews in Palestine. This is a matter of history, a matter of fact, not conjecture. It is as if the Jews in Nazi Germany had willingly collaborated with the Nazis in carrying out the holocaust.

It is hard to fathom the perverted psychology of anti-Jewish Jews, what are often called "self-hating Jews". But in the end it is the actions and the results that matter. The Jewish/fascist left/Arab alliance has, with admirable success, erased most of history and falsified the rest of it, so that few members of the American public have even a minimal notion of what the Israel-Arab debate is about.

Nor do the mass media know, and if they do, they are deliberately suppressing it. One would think, with the recent Arab riots in East Jerusalem, that the media would have sent someone to research the actual history of the establishment of the Israeli state and the international bodies' policies that granted it sovereignty and all the rights that accrue thereto.

None of this means that Israel is exempt from criticism or that it has not made mistakes. But when these are put on the balance sheet against the crimes and atrocities of Hamas and Hezbollah - the gratuitous initiation of suicide bombings and rocket attacks against innocent Israeli civilians, shari law, abuse of women, repression of free speech - and against the repugnant anti-Jewish statements issuing from Arab media daily, including cartoons for children telling them how marvelous it would be for them to blow themselves up for the Arab cause, then Israeli's mistakes recede quickly into relative unimportance.

The double moral standard being applied to Israel as that applied to the Arab world and terrorists, and the attempt by those waging "lawfare" against the Jews and Israel to twist and subvert the very clear unambiguous resolutions and bodies of international law adopted by the UN (as witness the UN Human Rights Council and its sponsorship of the poisoned corrupted Goldstone report)should be infuriating to those liberals and Jews in this country who worry so much about the Patriot Act, torture, and the rights of terrorists. It appears that the urgent cause of civil liberties and human rights is being subverted and sidetracked by rabid pro-terrorist groups and their "useful idiots", liberal American Jews.

And let us not overlook the fact that no boycott/divestment statement, much less condemnation, has been issued against Sudan's Muslim genocide against black animists, or the millions of deaths in the Congo, or Chinese anti-Uighur(Muslim) abuse, or slavery in Mauritania, Somalia, India and Haiti...the list goes on and on.

It is high time to expose this right wing neo fascist conspiracy, and for liberals to come to their senses and recognize the REAL threats to democracy and human rights. The threats do not lie in our system, flawed though it may be, but in those posed by the Islamists and their fellow travelers on the (still) misguided left. To leave this debate and battle to the right wing and the neo cons is not only a mistake, morally speaking, but an abdication of everything our Constitution and moral values stand for. The bell is tolling now for Israel, but soon it will toll for all of us.

© 2002 Lorna Salzman. All rights reserved. Material may be quoted with permission.