American Jews: Dhimmis or Dummies?

by Lorna Salzman

Are American Jews ignorant of the threat of radical Islam and Islamic jihad?

Have they followed the trajectory of these threats in the United States as it targets our legal system by means of "Lawfare", and tries tso silence free speech and dissent in our universities, our media, and our communities?

Do they understand that observant Muslims, even if non=violent, must support sharia law, a law which completely contradicts our Constitution, civil liberties and secular democracy, and relegates women to their home seraglios where they live at the whim of their husbands, fathers and brothers, submissive and subject to honor killings?

Do they understand that while Muslims claim the right to criticize nonMuslims freely, they deny nonMuslims the right to criticize Muslims?

Do they know that the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the group behind Islamic jihad in this country and elsewhere, has as its main objective the establishment of an Islamic caliphate THROUGHOUT THE WORLD?

Do they understand that the Muslim attempts to force boycotts against Israel and their attacks on Israel are only one part of the broader campaign of "stealth jihad" and radical Islamism?

If they do not understand these, they are Dummies.

But if they DO understand these, and persist in making the defense of Israel their sole focus, then they are indeed Dhimmis.

Dhimmis in the Muslim world are the second-class people, the underclass, those lacking the rights of Muslims. They are tolerated and required to pay monetary tribute. Jews were always considered dhimmis by Muslims and allowed to live because they were "people of the book", that is, they had the same bible and prophets as the Muslims and believed in one god, whereas Christians were not, because they believed in a holy trinity and in a dual identity of both human and as a son of god.

In this country today, many Jews are dhimmis with respect to Muslims. Despite growing anti-Semitism in this country and official anti-Semitism in the Muslim world, and EQUALLY IMPORTANT the threats to this country, Jews have adopted a position of silence, humility before Muslims, and indifference to both Islamic terrorism and stealth jihad.

--despite continued vilification and insults from Arab media in which Jews are called sons of apes, dogs, pigs,and accused of atrocities, Jewish leaders and rabbis not only ignore these but continue to reach out to Muslim religious leaders to seek interreligious "dialogue" and "harmony" and mutual understanding. Not one rabbi has yet had the courage to rebut the vile statements issuing from the Muslim world, with the single exception: denial of the holocaust. Apparently this denial counts for more than the daily inundation of hate from Muslims.
I have yet to hear of one rabbi who has met with a Muslim imam to berate him and ask for his repudiation of these anti-Semitic statements.

--with a few exceptions, such as feminist/author Phyllis Chesler and Rachel Ehrenfeld, and the Lawfare Project, no Jew has yet had the courage to speak out against Islamic jihad or stealth jihad, much less the atrocity of 9/11 and the raving attacks of the Muslim world that has focused on this country EVEN THOUGH THIS COUNTRY SUFFERED THE GRAVEST AND MOST GRIEVOUS ATTACK BY MUSLIMS IN RECENT HISTORY: 9/11.

--American Jews have chosen to come to the defense of Israel rather than the defense of this country. It seems that they consider themselves Jews first and American citizens second. This is indefensible in itself but also because it parallels exactly what Muslims believe: that their religion comes before their country and constitutes a higher authority than their national identity. This primary loyalty to Israel has apparently stifled any concern Jews might have had over the subversion of our laws, legal system and society by Muslims as they try to establish sharia law slowly but surely by claiming exemptions from civil law and special treatment.

--While historically Jews were prominent in civil rights and civil liberties, today they no longer consider these important issues, even though human rights and civil liberties are threatened today on a wider scale than ever before by radical Islam and stealth jihad. Our mass media refuse to criticize Muslims or Islam, and our universities submit to censorship of speakers critical of Muslim, in deference to the demands of Muslims and the Muslim Students Association, an offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood. One remembers the warning of Christians about Nazism...first they came for the Jews, then the gypsies, and then they came for us. American Jews are not yet the main target in THIS country of radical Islam but our civil liberties and bill of rights ARE, and as soon as those are dismantled, so will the protections of the law be dismantled that now protect Jews and other minorities.The bell tolls for all of us.

--The sad and reprehensible history of Jews bowing their heads in submission for fear of reprisal and evoking anti-Semitism is being continued today. When I try to talk to religious Jews about the threats of Islam, they politely smile and beg off. Religious leaders like Michael Lerner and Arthur Waskow spend their time bowing and scraping before Muslims to show their respect, but do not demand respect from Muslim religious leaders or an acknowledgement of the dangers and unacceptability of radical Islam. I would wager that not one rabbi has ever raised the issue of Muslim anti=Semitism or sharia law with a Muslim imam, much less actual Muslim terrorism.

(This raises the question as to whether rabbis accept the enslavement of women under sharia simply because sharia is the supreme law of another religion, and because they do not want their own religious law questioned. If this is the case, then it is a disaster because it means rabbis are putting their religion -in fact ALL religion - above American secular law).

Not one rabbi has ever likely asked their Muslim counterparts to preach to their congregation the mandate of religious tolerance, equality for women, the need for absolute freedom of speech, or a condemnation of radical Islam per se. It is a one way street, with Jews trying to show that they are really good people, rather than demanding that Muslims abjure not just terrorism but those aspects of their religion that violate human rights and the laws of secular society.

Jews thus will remain in fear and trepidation because they have set themselves off from the society they live in, in a kind of modern ghetto of the mind where they still do not trust its laws to protect them. These are the attitudes of the medieval Jewish communities that lived among alien Christian rulers, but they are not appropriate attitudes for living today in a secular democracy, least of all this country and its Constitution.

The result of their deference is that Muslims will continue to regard Jews as dhimmis who must pay tribute. The tribute Jews pay to Muslims today is not money but a bowing and scraping and an assurance to the Muslims that they will not "make trouble". In a peculiar reversal that ignores the source of both anti-Semitism and terrorism, Jews turn themselves into past or potential criminals. As a result, Muslims are therefore empowered BY THE JEWS as the superior religion and group. Multifaith dialogue is thus turned into hierarchy, in which Jews willingly submit and beseech Muslims for tolerance, while demanding nothing in return. Modern Jewry equals Modern Dhimmitude.

Let me repeat what I have said many times: Israel is not the central or most important battle but part of the bigger worldwide battle of the west and secular democracies against radical Islam. This battle will not be won by Jews alone. Mustering defenses of Israel against its enemies is still DEFENSIVE, and only Jews will join this battle (and not all of those either). The battle is against radical Islam and stealth jihad and will not be won unless nonJews join it. But they will not join it if the battle is only defined as defending Israel. They will join only when the broader campaign is articulated, a campaign for freedom of speech, women's rights, a free press, and against anti-Semitism.

Unless Jews understand this and change direction, they will remain forever on the defensive ramparts, supporting Israel but letting all the other battles go down to defeat.

© 2002 Lorna Salzman. All rights reserved. Material may be quoted with permission.