Haqqani Media Network Attacks Film

by Lorna Salzman

In a scathing attack on the film trailer depicting Mohammed as, among other things, a pedophile, that sparked riots in Libya and Egypt and led to American deaths in Libya, the Haqqani Media Network denounced the film vehemently as yet another proof of American incompetence and failure.

Said Walid Haqqani, head of the Haqqani Media Network public relations division: "We are appalled that $5 million dollars were spent to produce this amateurish and unprofessional film. It in no way accurately represents the true character of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, or his loyal followers".

Asked by international media what kind of film could have fulfilled his expectations, Haqqani said: "We have a large stock of film and video clips, covering decades of events in Muslim history, which could have been used. For example, every year in Pakistan we commit and film over 1,000 honor killings of young women who have transgressed and dishonored their families. We also have several close-up and well-made videos of beheadings and especially of women being buried alive, the most recent made only two months ago. Additionally, we have very special and precious photos in full color of the marriages of nine year old girls to fierce Afghanistan tribesmen. Unfortunately, we have not had any recent dealings with Saudi Arabia so their films showing the severing of thieves' hands are badly out of date and not up to our high professional standards".

Added Haqqani dismissively: "The Americans should apologize to the Muslim world for this filmic insult. Muslim film culture is on a par with every other barbaric theocratic regime in the world, and we are ready to share our first-hand experience and technology with those who are willing to treat Muslims and their prophet honestly and show the world what Islam really stands for".

He added that these accurate depictions of the true nature of Islam were widely available and were included in the film "Fitna", by Geert Wilders, who, he said, was faithful to the spirit of Islam and had the integrity to include these film clips without abridging or distorting them.

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