Hamas and the Un Demand the
Right to Proportional Killing

by Lorna Salzman

The finding that only 28 Israelis have been killed by Hamas rocket attacks since 2001, compared to about 800 Gazans killed by recent Israeli attacks, has prompted Hamas and the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to petition the UN for permission to kill at least 772 additional Israelis.

A spokesman for the UNHRC, a Muslim-dominated UN department that is calling for a worldwide ban on criticism of the Islamic religion, said that the Israel military attacks on Gaza in response to the routine ten-year shelling of Israel by Hamas have been determined by all righteous people to be disproportional to the injuries suffered by Israelis from Hamas rocket attacks.

Said the spokesman: "Only 28 measly lives of Jewish dogs have been lost from Hamas attacks in nearly twenty years. Clearly this demonstrates that Hamas' military capabilities have not been allowed to reach their full potential. Since less than 1000 Gazan lives have been lost in the recent fight, and since these were not martyred suicide bombers, we therefore demand that Hamas be allowed to kill at least 772 Israelis, by means and at a time of its own choosing".

In addition, he demanded that Israelis lay down their weapons for at least one year so that Hamas can increase its military training and technology. "Our disproportional loss of lives can only be made proportionate in the future if we have breathing space to strengthen our military offensive potential to reach more densely populated areas of Israel such as Tel Aviv".

Israel released a cautious but somewhat conciliatory statement, saying that it will seriously consider a policy that will restrict future attacks on Gaza to exactly the same as Gazan attacks on Israel: random rocket attacks on civilian populations.

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