The Flying Imams

by Lorna Salzman

Announcing the American debut of the hot middle eastern rock group, "The Flying Imams".

See them pray.
Hear them curse the infidels.
Watch them conceal bombs and copies of Playboy under their flowing robes.
Admire their con game as they seduce New Age rabbis and American leftists
Move over as they take over the whole row of seats in the plane.
Marvel at how they refuse to let female stewardesses handle their food.
Be in awe at their chutzpah as they denounce airline security measures as discrimination.
Laugh as they cast stealthy glances at the stewardess' uncovered head, arms and legs (note: dont look at them too closely since this may arouse them to heights of seething uncontrollable passion....which is why they wear flowing robes in the first place).
Watch for their first album "9/11 High".

© 2002 Lorna Salzman. All rights reserved. Material may be quoted with permission.