by Lorna Salzman

A highly contagious disease spread by social, aural and visual vectors. Presently endemic within the liberal white community, with a steady expansion that threatens the health of democratic institutions, universities and the media.

Symptoms: general unease and anxiety leading in many cases to a diminution or loss of the capacity for reason and logic. Those infected sometimes express a sense of guilt or insecurity in the presence of people of other races.

Improvement in their mental state occurs mainly when they are in the company of others similarly afflicted or when a specific and morally acceptable numerical representation of those with a different skin color has been reached in a particular institution or locale.

The condition appears to be chronic rather than fatal, thus allowing rapid uncontrolled spread of the disease. No mitigation or cure presently exists due to the deterioration of the faculty of reason. Resarch for a cure is minimal.

Diagnosis remains difficult due to the patient’s resistance which arises from the loss of reason and results in a denial of the condition. At present the only method for curbing its spread is the isolation of those suffering from the disease from the rest of society which should reduce the number of paths available for the vector.

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