Deep Sympathy Network

by Lorna Salzman

We are DSN, the Deep Sympathy Network. Our mission is to provide Deep Sympathy to all sufferers: the oppressed, the victimized, the resentful, the angry, the exploited and those who just feel bad sometimes.

While the mass media, and NPR in particular, are playing catch-up with us with their bleeding=heart human interest news coverage, they are still handicapped by the necessity of broadcasting actual news about what is going on in the world. We believe that we owe our suffering fellow citizens more than just twenty minutes on All Things Considered or the New Yorker Radio Hour. It is high time that depressing political, economic and environmental news be relegated to smaller time slots, preferably after midnight, so that the plight of Sufferers can be given appropriate attention.

We believe that most people will agree with us when we say that we are wasting time focusing on the disappearance of fisheries, coral reefs, wetlands, glaciers, forests, grasslands, ice sheets and insects. We agree that the continuing ignoring of women’s rights under Islam, slavery, child marriage and human trafficking reflects sound judgement about what is newsworthy and what should be ignored in order to raise the spirits of anxious and oppressed humans. .We would be derelict in our duty and social responsibility if we wasted our time in exposing graft, bribery, extortion and corruption in our government and corporate boardrooms or on the pathetic attempts of Russia to sabotage our elections.

In our estimation, the hurt feelings of minority students in universities, the seething anger over the failure of early American colonists to adopt social and moral codes of today, and the resentment of many Americans at being unable to accumulate sufficient material goods and wealth, justify our focusing on the grievances of individuals rather than those of society at large or of the parlous condition the planet.

We invite the participation of our listeners, who are encouraged to contact us with uplifting and congenial news that will emphasize our commitment to maximizing exposure of individual feelings and opinions rather than conveying facts or educational matter. We live in a new era where one’s private thoughts and opinions should be our main concern and focus rather than the events and conditions of broader human society.

© 2002 Lorna Salzman. All rights reserved. Material may be quoted with permission.