The Gangs that Couldnt Think Straight

by Lorna Salzman

The Gang of ISM, WWP, IAC, and Answer Girds its Loins for Battle (as the US Green Party knocks on their door for admittance)

In Michigan, the Michigan Green Party has nominated David Sole, member of the Workers World Party, as its candidate for the U.S. Senate race. This means there are now three extreme leftists running on Green Party lines in the U.S. The other two are Marxists Todd Chretien (California), a member of the ISO (International Socialist Organization), and Howie Hawkins (NY). (The entire California slate for federal and state office, headed by Peter Camejo, is essentially Marxist).

Two radical Islamists are in important GP positions also: Mohammed Abed,of the Wisconsin Green Party and organizer for the Palestine Right of Return, called Al Awda, and Aimee Smith, formerly of the Green Rainbow Party of Mass. and now with the Michigan Green Party, who serves on the national party's media and GPAX committees.

The Massachusetts Green Party (formerly Green Rainbow Party) is in the forefront of the radical Islamist movement in the party, along with the Michigan Green Party.

GPAX has other leftists besides Smith, and recently has tried to subvert the rules for the GPAX committee so as to lay the ground for helping GP candidates, the committee itself, and by extension the national GP, to promote anti-Israel policies and actions more widely, using the 2005 resolution #190 and a 2001 platform item as its foundation.

GPAX is trying to get the USGP Steering Committee to endorse a revival of the infamous Somerville Divestment Project in Massachusetts, headed by the Green Party there, in which SDP supporters tried to sneak through an anti Israel resolution in the town council without public hearings; the effort ultimately failed.

GPAX had hoped to get the USGP Steering Committee to endorse a new SDP effort without the support of the National Committee (NC) of the party, which consists of delegates from all state parties, in effect promoting control of party policy by the SC alone, a contravention of party bylaws.

Aimee Smith, one of the chief Islamist cheerleaders, was one of the moving forces, if not the chief one, in GPAX behind this effort to circumvent party rules. Among other delusions of Smith, who denies that genocide is occurring in Darfur, was the one in which she claimed that concern over Darfur was a Zionist ruse to cover up an American plot to control Sudanese oil reserves.

The spectre of American leftists supporting radical Islamists who are known to detest all manifestations of the left and were recruited by Reagan and the CIA to help remove the Soviet Union from Afghanistan indicates both an abysmal ignorance of history as well as an ugly streak of deceitful opportunism. These have been unified in a broad campaign of "Blame America/Hate America", in which the U.S. is seen as the sole oppressor of peoples everywhere, and oppressive violent rulers and governments of other nations are either ignored as they slaughter millions of their own people,or hailed as heroes for standing up to the some American Marxists hailed Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, and Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia.

The U.S. Green Party may be of minor importance in American politics but its radical leftist allies are not quiescent. Of special note is the Workers World Party (WWP) and its offshoots, the International Action Center, IAC, (founded by Ramsey Clark) and the group ANSWER. Looming above them all is something calling itself the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), formerly the Palestine Solidarity Movement, whose most famous martyr is the late Rachel Corrie, who proved to be much more than just the innocent Jewish girl defending Palestinian rights. ISM is behind the effort to disrupt an Israeli film festival in Chicago with violent demonstrations...the only kind they know.

Workers World Party's claims to fame in the past are probably little known to the public at large or young naive leftists. It was founded by the late Sam Marcy in the 1950s as a split from the Socialist Workers Party, and was a staunch supporter of Stalin. Prior to the split, Marcy and his backers supported the 1956 Soviet occupation of Hungary, which the SWP opposed, hence the split in 1958. WWP supported the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia as well as of Afghanistan in 1979, greatly admired Mao and the north Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, and supported the Chinese massacre in Tianenman Square.

Its newspaper, which I had the dubious pleasure of reading a year ago when one of its leaders, Clark Kissinger, tried to recruit my help in organizing war crimes hearings on Pres. Bush, unabashedly promotes violence and armed struggle and resistance. Many notables did support his effort, which was sponsored by Not In Our Name, taken from the signers of an anti war petition. Probably some of you readers signed on to this or attended the hearings in NYC.

My initial reservations were based on Kissinger's and NION's refusal to indict the whole U.S. Congress, including the Democrats as well as Republicans; later, after reading the WWP newspaper, I was stunned to read the pro-violence philosophy of the WWP. This was a whole education on the Maoists/Communists in itself.

Ramsey Clark deserves a special Order of Stalin medal (or the Iron Cross) for his support and praise of Slobodan Milosevic, with whom he had a personal relationship (we all know he is Saddam Hussein's lead lawyer). Clark attended and spoke at Milosevic's funeral, and has said: "History will prove that Slobodan Milosevic was right".

Within the USGP, there are other ISO members and Marxists besides Todd Chretien, as well as the "useful idiots" to whom Lenin referred, or fellow travellers who know little except how to follow the leaders. Why and how the USGP allowed itself to be manipulated and controlled by Marxists and radical Islamists is not yet clear. But a major contributing factor is the lack of democratic decision making in the party, blatant violation of bylaws and rules, and a reluctance of party members to hold their delegates and leaders accountable.

Put together with an abysmal ignorance of history, a pathological hatred of anyone who dares to criticize the left (like me) or Islam (like me), the influence of pro-Palestine/anti-Israel groups, the rants of closeted anti-Semites hanging on the coattails of the USGP and the anti-war movement, a growing and blanket hatred of the U.S., and the naivete of many social justice activists who trust any and all critics of the American government without reservation, and you have a formula for a solid political takeover.

Not that it will do them any good.

© 2002 Lorna Salzman. All rights reserved. Material may be quoted with permission.