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Lorna's new book, Politics as if Evolution Mattered: Darwin, Ecology and Social Justice is now available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats from the following online retailers:

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Lorna has been writing for Snickersnee (, a blog committed to informed political analysis, sound argumentation, and clear writing.

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  • Biodiversity & Biotechnology
    Expanded written version of Earth Day 2000 talk presented to the US Club of Rome, on the ecological, evolutionary and genetic threats presented by genetic engineering, especially transgenics.

  • Viewpoint - Diversity Crisis
    Why it is imperative that we preserve biodiversity.

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  • Assertiveness Training for Women Birders
    Some people still think birding is a backyard hobby of little old ladies in tennis sneakers. In fact it has become a highly competitive contact sport for macho types, who vastly outnumber females in the field.

  • When Is a Garden a Garden?
    The importance of planting native species in gardens.

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